Benders In Mono

by The Summervilles

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The Summervilles present "Benders In Mono": Six tracks of loud things recorded in glorious no-fi with cheap mics, cheap grog, and a somewhat temperamental 4 track machine in a shed.


released October 10, 2014



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The Summervilles Melbourne, Australia

3 piece punk rock band from Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: We'll Be Alone Tonight
our guarded mistakes fall apart
like we were seventeen
racing to an end
tonight we cant be beat
hopetoun losing out again
spilling up our guts
we wont ever win
strange as it may seem
what now
carrying your thoughts
but who will carry us
dreading all our lives
this could be the last
now you've gotta run
but if you leave we'll be alone tonight
don't like those days when you're away
stole all my thoughts you're such a strain
lord knows you do it cause its a game
we were drinking our weight and thats okay
you were left of the dial
and its a game that we all play
all the sums of yesterday
we were born to lose
bottom rung
and we climb
to our despair
and then we learn
that no one cares
will you ever care
Track Name: Pick A Side!
pick a side
i ran away from you
not because
can't help deciding
what we want its true
you picked a side
little light
you're a shade star-proof tree
jaded loves not so vile
dirty hands now your clean
Track Name: Pink Lemonade
sunday night you arrive
were far too sober
break a glass cut my mouth
were keeling over
spots of red flashing sights
lets fill the blender
with our heads and some ice
feeling like pink lemonade
in the dark we can be
lovers on trial
because were guilty
with the lights on
were still friends
monday night check the time
you're tickin' closer
are we right lost our minds
or feeling over it
picket fence youre so white
were far too sober
spinning porch
oh so bright im alright me
feeling like pink lemonade
Track Name: Don't Ever Follow Me
jar full of thoughts
half are not mine
a painful display
in your gallery of curiosity
paid the price
a draw full of things
you think that you need
in your gallery of curiosity
we are paying the price
but we don't wanna be
you were right
in the end
you were always right
don't ever follow me
you will find
you were never mine
don't ever follow me
you will find
Track Name: About Our Troubled Youth...
we got it wrong
lets spit it out today
i've never felt at home
no matter what you say
it feels like nothings new
like all the times
we talked about our troubled youth
acting old
holding tight
let it go some other time
go out tonight
we search in-vain
for that girl from yesterday
stay out all night
we search in-vain
for that love from yesterday
you stay at home
you're such a shame
don't look back on yesterday
go out tonight
you're such a shame
Track Name: Valentine
so you write
on a valentines
but today
what more could you want me to say
say goodbye on another night
but today
what more could you want me to say
you're like
candlelight in the dark
i was standing there
and feeling like your dog
tell me what what you need
say what?
standing on the street